Punk Rock HR Question #35: Recruiting For HR & Finance


Another HR professional needs our advice, Suckers!

Hi Laurie – I currently work in Corporate HR for a large company. I’ve got nearly 20 years of both internal and external (agency) recruiting experience. My experience includes recruiting just about every electronics, manufacturing, engineering, IT, software development and supply chain roles. I’ve recruited everything from temporary laborers to company presidents. It’s my opinion, regardless of what company I’ve worked, that the two worst customer groups to recruit for are Corporate HR and Corporate Finance. These two groups are cheap, want the earth, moon and stars, and have the most difficult time making a decision. For example, we just completed our 11th interview (i.e., 11 people) for this cost accountant with a CPA and 7 years of experience (three of which directly in our industry). The candidate is well-qualified, appears to be a great manager and team culture match AND will accept our 15% below market target salary. The hiring manager likes them, the team all gave thumbs up, but they wants at least 3 more resumes to be confident?!?

Would be interested to hear what others have to say, who are the most painful customers from a recruiting perspective?

You poor thing. Most of us would tell you to quit your job and tell you to go make blizzards at Dairy Queen for a living. It pays just as much as corporate recruiting and the hours are better. Just so you know, I like my blizzards with Oreos mixed with M&Ms — but sometimes I like to add Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups when I want a full-on calorie bomb.

Oh wait, what are we talking about? Ah yes, recruiting. I agree that HR and Finance are the worst groups to ‘please’ because they are cost centers, not profit centers. HR and Finance leaders can’t run businesses, and it’s not HR or Finance if you’re not wasting time on stupid details and/or spending money you don’t have.

What do you think, Suckers? Who do you think are the most painful customers from a recruiting perspective? The comments are open, yo.

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