Punk Rock HR Advice: Don't Breed Dogs


Stop Puppy MillsTimes are tough. Money is tight. You are cutting corners and living a DIY lifestyle because you need cash to pay your mortgage, buy groceries, and send your kids to soccer practice. I get it. I really do. There are tough choices to be made, and I can sympathize because I’m right there with you.

The one thing you shouldn’t do? BREED DOGS OR CATS FOR CASH.

I don’t care if your car needs new tires, your daughter needs braces, or your momma needs to live in a better nursing home. There are a million reasons why you shouldn’t be operating as an unlicensed, unregulated breeder.

  • You don’t know as much about breeding animals [pit bulls/ rottweilers/ fancy smoosh-faced kitties/ huskies/ golden retrievers/ labradoodles] as you think you do;
  • it’s unethical to raise animals in your home, sell them for cash, and forget to tell the government about your profits;
  • and animals are not your pathway to cash.

The best way to respond to a layoff is to create a detailed and thoughtful plan that will help you to find a new job. There are plenty of resources available: job boards, social media groups, coaches, recruiters, friends, neighbors, alumni associations, etc.

I know you need money fast, though. Your unemployment checks barely cover your utility bills and your credit card bills are late. Here’s what I suggest you do: get a retail job, stop spending money on shit you don’t need, and use coupons when you do shop. Stop consuming and make better choices with your money. If all else fails, file bankruptcy and get the debt monkey off your back.

Breeding puppies — or birds or lizards or kittehs — can get out of hand pretty quickly. If you’re going to breed anything in your home, take this opportunity to change your life and breed some common sense, yo.

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