Punk Rock HR Advice: GYST


I’m not asking for much, this holiday season. My list is short.

The one thing I really want for the holidays? I want you to get your shit together.

We’ve spent much of 2008 raging against the incompetent machine of Human Resources. We have established a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to stupidity and doing things the old way. We are done with the mediocrity of a function that reports into a local VP of HR, has a dual reporting relationship with the VP of HR at the corporate headquarters, and loses all accountability for acquiring and retaining really great & talented employees.

So I wonder — what’s the one thing you’ll do differently in 2009? I’m not looking for your 2009 SMART goals and I don’t care if you enter them into the performance management system. I’m looking for action and commitment.

You are changing one thing about Human Resources in 2009, and I want you to tell me what it is!

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