Punk Rock HR: Call for Shirts


It’s spring down here in Raleigh and my workout wardrobe is très shabby because I don’t have a full-time job where I can get free t-shirts from vendors and team building activities.

If you have a t-shirt from your business and you want some free advertising,send me an email and we can work out a deal. I would be happy to wear your shirt in a vlog or in a picture at one of my appearances.


  • The shirt must be new and unworn.
  • I’m a size SMALL ADULT or MEDIUM/HUSKY CHILD. Yes, I’m built like a 12 year-old boy.
  • I’m serious. I don’t want your old, gross, germy shirts. I will hunt you down and stab you in the face if you send me something nasty.

If you don’t have a size SMALL ADULT or MEDIUM/HUSKY CHILD shirt but want to give something away on my blog, please send me an email, too! We’re in a recession, people, and I’m all about connecting my readers to free stuff.

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