Punk Rock HR Consumer Tips


I want to be paid to write & speak about saving money during a recession. No one ever says, “Earn more money. Spend less of it.”

Well, that’s not true. Suze Orman says it, and then she tries to sell you a book to teach you how to spend less money.

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Here’s my angle:

  • You will hand me $20 every week for six months.
  • I’ll stick it in a piggy bank and give it back to you when you really need it.
  • You’ll have to make a compelling case to withdraw the funds from my piggy bank. (Yes, you can repair your hot water heater. No, you can’t go to Vegas.)

It’s the Punk Rock HR savings plan — and I won’t even charge you I won’t charge you very much for it. Just a small handling fee.

What’s your best punk rock consumer tip?!

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