Punk Rock HR Contest: SHRM Swag Winners


laurie_emmazThe winners of the Punk Rock HR Advice contest [based on random numbers generated on a website] are Tracy Tran, Lisa Wallace, and Apollo.

Unfortunately, Apollo is disqualified because he doesn’t like this contest.

I’m giving his box of swag to Bonita Martin who likes chocolate.

Please email your address to yo@punkrockhr.com and I’ll send your boxes right away.


What’s in the boxes of swag? Well, each one is a little different.

  1. Shirts from I Hate People and Snag a Job.
  2. A set of *unused* Bliss products from The W Hotel.
  3. Books: I Hate People, How To Wow, Amazing Adventures of Working Girl, Anti 9-5 Guide.
  4. Pack of Hall’s cough drops (unopened) that I bought but realized that I don’t like the flavor.
  5. Bags of chocolate from Totally Chocolate.
  6. $10 Game Play Card from the nice guys at the Dave & Busters booth.
  7. Calculators from ADP — so you can calculate out how much you’re getting fleeced by your employer.
  8. Walking doctor toy tchotchke from Concentra.
  9. More chocolate from See’s Candies.
  10. Tote bags from Halogen and The National Conference Center.
  11. Duck from Aflac.
  12. Mug and gum from The RightThing.
  13. Lip balm and hand sanitizer from Careerbuilder.
  14. Brain pen from Vertical Screen.
  15. Pens from Monster.
  16. Notepad from Levengers.
  17. Potato Chip bag clips from VPI.
  18. I Love HR beads [as modeled by Emma, above] from SHRM.

Is that enough crap for you?

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