Punk Rock HR Interview Tip: Don't Try to Be Funny


No, no you can't.

If you want your job interview to go south in a hurry, try to be funny.

There’s nothing worse than a candidate who tries to make a joke that falls flat on its face. It’s awkward for the interviewer, and more importantly, it makes the interviewee look like a chump.

Naturally funny people understand that humor is all about timing and opportunity. They stalk their jokes like prey. When the moment is right, they’ll crack a one-liner that kills the room.

If you see an opportunity to make a witty observation during your interview, go for it. Say what you have to say without ego, pretense, or a shred of neediness in your voice. Deliver your observation with confidence and poise. Just make sure that whatever you have to say is as witty as you think it is. Don’t gaze at the interviewer with your big, eager eyes at wait for the laugh, either. It’s not coming.

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