Punk Rock HR Question: Corporate Manscaping


Dear Laurie,

Did you see this article about the officer who was suspended because of his mustache? This doesn’t seem right. Could this happen in corporate America?

I am growing a killer beard right now and don’t want to shave it off when I return to work from my leave. This is a big blow to all of us sporting Grizzly Adams beards or rockin’ 80’s mustaches! What can we do to prevent consequences like this (aside from the obvious)?

– The Corporate Manscaper

Dear Manscaper,

Companies are bossy and love dictating the terms & conditions of your appearance. It is easier than running a debt-free, totally accountable, efficient organization.

There are existing policies on the books of most organizations that speak to clothing, piercings, tattoos, and facial hair — especially when facial hair compromises the safety & quality of products. Most companies will offer religious and cultural exemptions related to the dress code policy just to keep the lawyers off their backs. Here is the HR secret of the day: no one cares about your facial hair unless it’s gross.

My thoughts? if your nose hair blends in with your mustache, you have serious issues beyond employment.


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