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twitter-1From a fellow blogger who wants to attend more conferences.

Laurie, can I ask you something? When an organization asks me to blog for their conference, is it reasonable that the conference fee be paid and if they don’t offer, should I ask? I want to be more visible, I don’t have a sugar daddy, and I am not sure how it all works.

Maybe you should get yourself a sugar daddy. Just kidding. Those guys are needy and overrated.

If asked to attend a conference, you should first review the agenda and see if the speakers pique your interest. If you find the conference to be interesting or compelling, you can politely ask, “What expenses are covered?” That’s a good place to start.

Most conferences will provide a free press pass to bloggers. If one isn’t offered to me — and I really want to attend a conference — I will ask.

From a business perspective, I generally attend a conference when airfare & hotel expenses are covered and conference fees are waived. This hasn’t always been the case. Sometimes I do pay for my own travel expenses depending on the conference, the budget, and what’s on the agenda.

If you’re not sure what’s being offered — and this applies to conferences or a job offer or a proposition from a strange guy on the street — it’s important that you ask for clarification. It’s never gauche to ask for more information before you make a decision, and it’s important for you to do a cost-benefit-analysis to determine if any endeavor, including a conference, is worth your time.

Now who wants to be a professional conference blogger? It’s got to be better than you regular job. Let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the right people.

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