Punk Rock HR Question: Should I Work in HR?


A question from a future HR guru.

Hi, I am a recent college grad trying to break into the human resources field. I have a BA in psychology. I have always known I wanted to do something psychology related and make a difference, I just didn’t know what area I wanted to pursue until now. Since graduating I decided to get licensed in property and casualty. After studying for a couple months and passing exam I started working for an insurance company. I know in my heart that this is not the right fit for me and I still want to pursue psychology. I believe human resources is a good fit for me as I enjoy working with people and I am good at figuring situations out and finding the best solution to the problem. I fixed my resume up and started applying to a bunch of different places. I was wondering if I should get my MBA-HR? Would that help me reach my goals? I am a little lost right now and any advice you could give me about how I could better get into the field with limited experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

My advice? Learn more about HR before you apply for jobs and pursue a graduate degree in this field. HR is not a thriving career, it’s more than working well with people, and you may wind up competing for a job in Human Resources that pays $15/hr rather than using your psychology degree in a more thoughtful way.

Psychology is not HR, but psychology is life. So look inward and think about your personal motivations. I know it feels depressing to work in a job that has no passion, but a job is a job. I hope you can appreciate your paycheck and use your free time — after work — to volunteer, learn more about the world, and pursue your dreams. Start to think about your job at the insurance company as a vehicle to something greater, whether that’s moving into your own home or buying a car or paying off your student loans.

Think twice before entering HR. Seriously.

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