Punk Rock HR Question: Social Media & Relationships


From a reader who wants to know more about ettiquette.

Because I’m totally qualified to talk about fancy manners on social media, right?

Laurie, I figured I would ask you this question since I am subscribed to your blog and enjoy reading it daily. I am on Facebook merely for personal reasons – staying connected to my friends from grade/junior high and high school & a few of my family members who live in other states. I am a HR Representative and have received requests from a few people at work. I felt awkward and didn’t want to ignore their requests, so I added them. I have a very strong work ethic and they know that I am responsible for enforcing and obey our policy/procedures, but I am still outgoing and since we have a low turnover rate, everyone knows each other. I want to delete these “few” people from my list, but am not sure how to do it…or what to say when I do it. What advice can you give me as I don’t want to mix business with pleasure? Help!! Thanks!

The nice thing about social media is that you get to choose the way you engage.

  • If you want to delete them, delete them. They won’t even notice.
  • If they do notice, you can say that you’re using Facebook just for personal reasons.
  • Or you can take the passive-aggressive route and lie. I’ve offered this strategy in the past because lying can be a good way to save face. You can say that you’re not sure what happened, you’ll look into it, and then just avoid the conversation in the future.

There you go. Delete and don’t look back. That’s my advice.

Anyone else?

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