Punk Rock HR Question: Looking for a New Job/Tell Boss?


From Natasha.

She has a question about when to tell her new boss that she’s interested in another internal opportunity.

Started my job at a new company less than 6 months ago. Primary role is essentially as an assistant. I have been doing side projects, with my direct boss’ blessing, involved in other areas of the company. I am pretty good at the projects I have been working on, and I really enjoy it.

A little birdie told me the corporate office (we are a branch) is hiring someone for a full-time role, doing what I have been working on, and suggested I throw my name in the hat.

My question: should I tell my boss I am interested prior to even talking to the guy who is posting the job? I don’t want to be sneaky, I feel I have earned his trust. ( also he is a top dollar producer and NO one wants to piss him off).

What do you think?


Hi, Natasha. Most companies have a rule that you have to be in your new job for 12 months before you can apply for another internal job. I’d check that out. Also, I would be careful because the SVP may have his/her own reasons for planting this new opportunity in your ear.

Check out your right to post for the job, check out the relationship between the SVP and your current boss, and proceed with caution.


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