Punk Rock HR Secet #6: Ace Your Interview, Baby


Don’t you hate that sinking feeling in your gut right before an interview is about to begin?

  • Am I good enough?
  • Am I smart enough?
  • Will they laugh at me?

Here’s the secret that important people know that you don’t: relax.

Regardless of how many jobs are shipped to China, you can’t outsource common sense. Not to be all Sam Brownback on you, but this place rocks and most companies know it. Until the fascist corporate regimes can replace you with a robot, the company needs American workers more than you need them.

Have an interview on the horizon? Think of the experience as a cross between a sit-com and an meditation exercise.

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Sit comfortably (but please sit up straight).
  • Don’t forget to breathe.
  • Your mind may wander. Don’t let your mind wander in a panic.
  • Sometimes you will tap into an unknown source of inspiration, but sometimes you will lose focus. Laugh at yourself — even if it’s just an internal laugh.
  • Laugh at the questions, regardless.
  • Paraphrase the interviewer’s question as part of your answer. Think of this as a chant of sorts. It will help to anchor your thoughts.

Finally, just remember to observe yourself during the process and learn from any missteps. Interviewing for a job is an inorganic experience and doesn’t come naturally to most human beings. You are always a student in this process — even if you are a seasoned professional. Each interview experience makes you more prepared for the next experience.

Again, also remember to relax. It’s a job interview, not the rapture. This is America, and you will find a job at some point. Neediness and desperation blocks your ability to achieve success.

Okay, that’s enough zen-shit for the day. Now go ace that interview, yo!

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