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top25_badge1. Are you looking for other HR bloggers? You can check out The Talent Management Blog Power Rankings 2.0 [Sponsored by FOT and the HR Capitalist] and you can read many of those writers (and more) on HRM Today. I was an honorable mention, last August, and now I’m on the Top 25 list. I am tied with Jibber Jobber. That’s pretty good company, akshully.

2. J. William Tincup posted interviews with awesome HR bloggers on his website. Check it out.

3. Finally, you can see John Hollon’s response to my post on writing thank-you notes after an interview. I still hold firm that writing a thank-you note has no bearing on a hiring decision; however, I can’t argue against manners. Here’s where I stand.

  • Writing a thank-you note shows old skool class and a good upbringing, but I won’t hire you for your manners. I’ll hire you for your skills, which should include manners, but won’t be determined solely on the inclusion of a thank-you note.

Any additional thoughts? Any others sites we should be visiting, today?

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