Punk Rock HR Video Gems of the Week!


Oh my god. I look for houses in North Carolina and the world goes to hell. How did I miss these excellent gems?


1. Quick, get this man some media training. I might donate to John McCain’s campaign just so he can have a session with my good friend, Ita Olsen.

[youtube www.youtube.com

He looks pained, people. Just pained.


2. I love it when rich white dudes from Texas tell me that the economy is great and call me a whiner.

[youtube youtube.com

Phil Gramm, you are a tool.


3. Watch this video and tell me why are they bleeping out the word NUTS.

[youtube youtube.com

The most offensive part of this video is that Jesse Jackson seems to forget that we live in the age of microphones and cameras. Someone needs to enroll Reverend Jackson in You Tube 101. Stat!

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