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Dudz, some of you know this but some of you don’t: I am moving to North Carolina.

I am a Human Resources pro and I’ve moved eight times during the past ten years. Some of the moves were big, and some moves were small but totally inconvenient (i.e., moving from temporary housing to our new home). I should know that relocating to a new town is one of the most stressful events that a marriage can endure; nevertheless, I’m doing it again. For reals.

What’s even more awesome, besides the stress of moving, is the fact that my husband and I had our first relocation-related disagreement, this morning. It brought back so many awesome memories: fights about keeping the house clean while it’s on the market, disagreements about the layout of the new house, misunderstandings over who was supposed to pack up the master closet. Our first argument, this morning, was over my husband’s attitude. (I didn’t like it — plus I hadn’t had any coffee.)

I went to Starbucks and felt better. He apologized. We will be just fine.

I’ve seen my share of employees who move to town for a new job and leave the job, several years later, with a different spouse. As a wife and a Human Resources practitioner, I have extreme sympathy for anyone who physically relocates for a job. Moving is tough on a marriage, and I considered asking my husband to move to North Carolina without me (and come home on the weekends) just so I wouldn’t have to endure the agony of meeting with realtors, showing the house, packing up my shit, and trying to acclimate our kitties to a new home. I don’t want that kind of stress in my life. I’d rather have a long-distance marriage than try to figure out how to move five cats.

Except that I don’t want a long-distance marriage. I want to get my house on the market so it can sit in inventory with the rest of the unsold houses — and then I want to move down south and start volunteering with a local animal rescue.

So it’s nothing but craziness behind the scenes here at the Punk Rock HQs. I’ll be blogging about my experiences — not as a Human Resources pro, but as a civilian — as I move from Michigan to North Carolina.


UPDATED: I saw this article on CNN and I wonder if I’m one of those stupid women in the article who allows her career to fall by the wayside and relocates for the sake of her husband.

My husband said, “Anytime you can find a job as a blogger and earn a decent salary, let me know. I’ll quit my job and follow you.”

Whoa, hey buddy — let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m a feminist, but I’m not sure I like that kind of pressure!

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