Quarterly Blogroll Clean-Up


I organize my blogroll on a quarterly basis. Writers come, writers go, and I think it’s important to keep a fresh list — if anything, it’s just for myself. You are important to me because you keep Punk Rock HR alive & thriving. If your blog isn’t listed, I might not be reading it.

So I’m toying with the idea of blowing up my blogroll and starting fresh for 2010.

In fact, let’s do it.

Do you write a career advice blog? A recruiting or HR blog? A general blog? Leave a comment with

  • your blog’s name,
  • the URL,
  • and describe what you write about so I can categorize it properly.

If you don’t tell me about your blog or fail to promote it shamelessly, I might not link to it!

By the way, is there anyone doing anything new and interesting out there, career-related or not, that we should be reading? Let us know.

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