Quick Branding Message: Punk Rock HR


I’m sure you felt it. The world stopped and your body shook with trepidation.

It’s official: I have moved my blog domain from my own name, Laurie Ruettimann, to the much more appropriate (& easier-to-remember) Punk Rock HR.

I still have great ambivalence about branding myself as punk rock. I challenge the status quo, sure, but I gave up any notion of being ‘punk rock’ in 1996 when I took a job at Monsanto. It’s hard to be punk rock when you’re hiring chemical engineers and chemists who genetically modify food.

All things considered, I’m more cynical and punk rock than your current HR Director. (Maybe I’m a punk rocker in sheep’s clothing from Nordstroms and J.Jill?)

Since I make the rules around here — which is a totally appropriate HR attitude, by the way — I feel that I’m qualified to own the moniker of Punk Rock HR Chick. Have something to say about it? Disagree? Have a punk rock HR question? Email me here.

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