Punk Rock HR Advice: Don't Ask for a Raise


I just read an article called How to Get a Raise in a Recession.

::le sigh::

This article makes me sad. You’re not getting a raise in this economy.

Instead of asking for more money — or trying to find another job that pays more money (and doesn’t exist) — let’s address some of the reasons why you need more money.

Here’s my advice.

  • Stop buying shit.
  • Go through your existing shit.
  • Make three piles: throw this shit out, donate this shit, sell this shit.
  • In some capacity, get rid of all three piles.

You will never get far when you are bound to the physical constraints of this life, and you don’t need a 3% raise — or a stupid job where you have to ask for a raise — when you opt out of mindless consumption.

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