Real Estate & Recruiting: Process Improvements Needed


I always thought the recruiting & interviewing processes are disingenuous and stupid. People are inherently selfish and self-motivated. No one tells the whole truth during a job interview, there’s deception at multiple levels, and — call me cynical — it’s all about the $coin$ at the end of the day.

You need a sales genius? Whoa, go figure, I’m a sales genius. You want a team player? Hell, I’m a team player. You’re looking for a candidate who is committed to a brand? I’m the Queen of Commitment. I have a boatload of examples — none of them true — as to why I’m awesome. Go ahead and call my references, too. I dare you. Not a single one of them will rat me out for being a lazy bum. They know I’m litigious. Oh, by the way, I want a bonus.

Recruiting & interviewing methodologies are based on fuzzy science. There is no proven correlation between behavior-based interviewing and success in the workforce, but we play the game as HR pros and ask our comprehensive questions because we don’t have a better solution to offer. Until we are able to hire robots, there’s no other way to discern the truth other than to outwit and trick your candidates into spilling the beans about their flaws & weaknesses.

Do you know what’s more ridiculous than behavior-based interviewing? The process of buying a home.

Here’s what I don’t get:

  • I’m expected to walk through someone’s funky bathroom, see past their ugly paint colors, and envision how I might spend the next twenty years of my life while ignoring their pet-stained carpets.
  • I’m not allowed to spend the night in the house, cook myself a meal to see if the kitchen feels right, or take a shower (not that I would!) to ensure that I’m not too skeeved out by the environment.
  • What’s worse is that I am asked to trust someone — a total stranger who is paid on commission — to walk me through the biggest purchase of my life.

The fact that I’ve never had a bad experience with a Realtor is one of the biggest faux baby jesus blessings of my life. My current Realtor is awesome, and she’ll cut your heart out with a spoon if you mess with me. I found her on the internet, at 2AM, and sent her an email message. We bonded. We clicked. None of it was scientific, but she’ll take you down if you cross me. Don’t even try.

There’s a lesson in all of this, yo. Recruiting — much like real estate and the other 99% of life — is not scientific or process-oriented. You can screen your candidates, train your managers, and demand that all questions are answered in the STAR format; however, most people applying for a job are decent human beings with the requisite skills and abilities needed to perform the documented tasks. Sometimes you’ll hire a great dude with sharp skills and a fantastic work-ethic; however, sometimes you’ll hire my brother. (Just kidding.)

It’s a crap shoot. As long as you know that you aren’t really in control, you’re smarter than 92% of the other HR chumps out there.


((oh yeah, by the way — I’m making an offer on a house, tonight, based on outmoded selection methodologies & criteria — and I realize that I don’t control much of this process, so wish me luck!!))

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