Recess At Work: UR DOIN IT WRONG


On the heels of the oh-so-successful Fitness at Work Day, the HR World website reports that Americans are both fat and tired.

A survey by of 5,000 people who called for their services found that 38 percent had fallen asleep on the job.

The free-market solution to exhausted employees? Don’t give them a day off, fools. The better idea is to host a team building event and call it RECESS AT WORK DAY.

Just when your CEO has pushed his employees to the edge, he’s gonna cut you some slack on June 19th and let your departments stop working so they can have some fun.

  • Go ahead, IT Department, and play some cornhole in the parking lot.
  • Grab a handful of microwave popcorn, Sales, and don’t forget to take one of the complimentary diet Cokes that we’re giving away in the cafeteria.
  • Did you hear that the CEO is allowing the admins to wear jeans to the office?

It’s so crazy around here, but it’s RECESS AT WORK DAY! ANYTHING GOES!

Don’t forget the most important part of this awesome morale-improving event: the RECESS AT WORK certificate. Create one for each employee to prove that your HR department sanctioned this visionary and highly strategic event.

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