Recruitfest: I'm In!


I’m attending Recruitfest, organized by Jason Davis, and I am excited to spend 36 hours with recruiting professionals who are passionate, innovative, and effing cool. Maybe some of their entrepreneurial skills will rub off on me, yo.

The speakers at the conference sound great, but I’m more interested in the social aspects. Drinking. Eating. Getting to know recruiters whom I only know through Twitter. How awesome is that?! There’s a poker tournament, too; however, I’m a risk-adverse Corporate HR Generalist (who was a former Corporate Recruiter) and I have never played poker. Maybe I can find a poker mentor at the conference who can teach me about a nut flush?

[Insert dirty joke here.]

Jason wrote about drumming circle, too, and I’m willing to try anything once; however, a drum circle sounds a little like a HR-hippie-team-building-event to me. Anyone ever do a drum circle? What’s it like? Is there crunchy granola involved? How about hemp bracelets? (I want to be clear: if someone breaks out a hackey sack or starts talking about the last Dave Matthews concert he attended, I’m outta there.)

Seriously, I think this conference will be fun and informative. Now who’s with me? Anyone attending Recruitfest?!

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