Relocation, Talent Management, and Las Vegas


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The experts say that relocation is one of the most stressful events in life and something always goes wrong. As I prepare for my impending move to North Carolina, I’m happy to report that I have a mature & thoughtful perspective on the relocation process. I know that moving isn’t as bad as death, dental surgery, or an IRS audit.

(Really, the husband and I will get through it. We will be okay.)

There have been a few times when I find myself struggling to manage some of the change & chaos in my life. I feel like I’m navigating my way through one of the bullshit, Kubler-Ross change curve classes that I taught in my former role as a Human Resource pro. I remember one colleague saying, “Crap, Laurie. I’ve been on the wrong part of the change curve for my entire career.”

Join the club, buddy. Join the effin club.

I’m not always comfortable with the ambiguity in my life, and I’ll admit that it is tough to pack up my belongings and move so far away. What makes life a little more challenging is the fact that I have no control over certain aspects of my relocation. We

  • bought a home in NC before selling our current home in Michigan,
  • and the husband will be moving down to North Carolina with one cat (Molly) and renting furniture while I live in Michigan for an indefinite period of time with four cats (Lucy, Jake, Emma & Scrubby) and our stuff.

It’s like a temporary divorce, except the husband and I still love one another and we want to be together. Could be worse, right? We’ll have two homes, two mortgages, two sets of furniture, and we’re splitting up the kids cats — but the husband has a great job and we can afford to pay for the ‘kitty therapy’ after this experience is over.

(I’m totes not kidding about the kitty therapy.)

Until we sell our home in Michigan and/or I find a real job with some semblance of a salary, there will be no summer or winter vacations, either. If there’s one thing I want as I pull myself through this stupid change curve, it’s a vacation from my own reality. That’s why I’m looking forward to the 11th Annual Talent Management Summit in Las Vegas.

I have no idea where I’ll be living at the end of October (Michigan? North Carolina? A cardboard box?), but I do know that I will be blogging live from this event and meeting other cool HR people & recruiters. I’ll ignore the fact that my house sits on the market — and I’ll drink & cavort with HR Wench and HR Minion. When I’m not blogging, I’ll be thinking like a winner and earning my second mortgage payment on the penny slots.

Don’t jinx me with your talk of math & odds. That’s loser-talk.

The hosts of the Talent Management Summit are really excited about their upcoming conference, and they asked me if I wanted to offer you a discount through my blog. Do you want a discount? If you’re attending, be sure to use this code when you book — PRHR — you get 15% off and $100 in casino chips.

I don’t get anything out of this deal except the privilege of seeing you at the event. I don’t even know what you do with casino chips. Do you play poker? Craps? Can I pay my property taxes with those chips?

Las Vegas is great, and I hope to see you there. If you’re attending, we can drink to recruiting metrics, talent assessments, and change management skills!

UPDATED: Col K sent me this video to demonstrate the dangers of gambling.


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