Remove Glenn Tilton: United Pilot Website


I love it when pissed off employees & the internets get together. Case in point is this new website:

Glenn Tilton, the CEO of United Airlines, doesn’t have an easy job. He is the manager of a diverse and complex workforce that is impacted by external economic and political pressures; however, he is well compensated for his efforts and his troubles. I don’t cry for him, Argentina.

I think it’s totally justified to ask Glenn Tilton to explain himself & defend his ‘business decisions’ in the public sphere. Until we had the internet, CEOs and CFOs were quarantined and only spoke to the public at shareholder meetings and quarterly investor reviews. If Mr. Tilton is smart, he will engage the UAL pilots and address their concerns on the website in an open & candid way.

Nothing makes HR more interesting than transparency & accountability brought about by technology. Traditional employee unions, HR departments, and communications consultants are no match for the leverage brought about by a well-publicized employee website. My favorite part of this website? The creators used the United CEO’s name as the URL.

There’s a lesson for all corporate executives in this situation: control your own brand as a leader and buy your domain name, yo.

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