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Today is my friend Mark Stelzner‘s birthday. Mark is the Founder of JobAngels, which recently merged with Hiring for Hope. Because the ‘war for talent‘ is garbage, you should connect to Hiring for Hope and JobAngels if you’re looking for a job, you have a job to fill, or you have a friend who is struggling to find a job.

What is Hiring for Hope?

Job seekers contact us because they need moral support and assistance with their career transitions and job placement. Employers/business partners contact us because they have workforce challenges that they need solved, and/or would like to help us achieve our mission.  Couples contact us because they are in need of hope, moral support, and financial assistance in order to overcome their obstacles to building their families. They may also be seeking support after suffering a loss.  Friends and family members of impacted individuals contact us because they need education and emotional support for themselves and/or a loved one.

What is JobAngels?

Our JobAngels Program puts this powerful concept into action. As a participant, you will become part of a grassroots movement that is dedicated to bringing people together in a virtual community where each person commits to a single goal — helping just one person find gainful employment. That person can be a friend, a family member, a colleague or a complete stranger.

Are you looking for a job? Can you get one person back to work? Can you honor my friend Mark on his 40th birthday by recommending other awesome resources for the unemployed?!

The comments are open. Let’s help someone, today.

And happy birthday to Mark!

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