RIP Steve Jobs


Cancer really sucks.

Profound, I know.

It’s sad when we lose anyone we love — but when our society loses someone creative and inventive like Steve Jobs, it impacts our collective unconscious. And I’m seeing crazy tweets and Facebook status updates that are all over the map.

I know some of us are thinking — why Steve Jobs and not Charles Manson? Others wonder — why didn’t my husband’s battle with cancer get as much attention as Steve Jobs? And still others are thinking — this national grief is ridiculous and we should focus on real pain and suffering in this world.

There are real people who loved and knew Steve Jobs. They are mourning the loss of a man. For the rest of us, we are just observers. Or are we participants? Can we really grieve over someone we don’t know?

I dunno.

I know that I’m sad for those who loved Steve Jobs. I’m sad that cancer took another human being. And I’m thankful that pancreatic cancer received as much attention as it did. Our attention spans are so short.

Awareness is a good thing.

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