Romance at Work

300px-Butterfly_ValentineI’m okay with romance at work.

I am not okay with

  • excessive displays of affection.
  • cheap sexy clothing to attract some dude’s attention.
  • crude sexual innuendos that you think nobody else understands.
  • gross hook-ups in places where other people eat.
  • obsessing about your relationship at the expense of work.
  • stalking.
  • anything illegal.

I don’t care if you hook up with the intern or date the VP of sales.

Do what you want.

Good HR professionals are willing to treat you like an adult if you work hard and shut up about your sex life.

So please shut up already. I know you’re hooking up with that [guy in marketing/chick in R&D/dude in HR] and I’m trying not to puke in my mouth.

Happy Valentine’s Day, suckers.

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