Romney criticized for hotel pornography


It takes a great deal for me to defend Mitt Romney, but this does it:

“Marriott is a major pornographer. And even though he may have fought it, everyone on that board is a hypocrite for presenting themselves as family values when their hotels offer 70 different types of hardcore pornography.”

First of all, I’ve stayed at The Marriott too many times to count. They don’t even offer a fridge in most hotel rooms, let alone 70 different types of pornography. My guess? Network TV is often the most pornographic thing you can find at the hotel chain. I once had a Key Lime martini at the Marriott Marquis that was disgusting. It might qualify as pornography.

Additionally, I don’t think Mitt Romney can be held accountable for all of Mormonism, much like I can’t be held accountable for everything done by HR professionals. Or short women. Believe me — I’ve lobbied against ugly clothes in the Petites department at Macy*s for many years. I would never want to be held accountable for elastic-waist pants.

In summary: Don’t tempt me, conservatives. I might cross over in the primary and vote for Romney just to piss you off.

Romney criticized for hotel pornography – Yahoo! News

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