Romney's Slip of the Tongue


I’m really good with names, which is an important skill when you work in Human Resources. I usually link a name & a face to a narrative.

“Mary works in accounting and likes to wear ugly sweaters. Her husband works in IT. Her children attend a private school that she can’t afford on a single income. She hates her boss and thinks that her co-workers take too many ‘smoke breaks’.”

That’s how my brain works. I won’t forget Mary.

I know that most people forget names and faces. I know that it’s tough to keep track of details in a hectic work environment. I know that most jobs are very busy and that important facts can get lost in the chaos.

I just wonder one thing: how much of a douche is Mitt Romney?

Romney’s Slip of the Tongue | The Trail |

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney accused Democratic rival Barack Obama of encouraging terrorists in what his campaign said later was intended to be a reference to al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.


Mitt Romney can go f–k himself.

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