Rumors of HR's Death Greatly Exaggerated?


Here is a list of reasons why the HR Generalist role will be obsolete in 2010.

I’ve been predicting the demise of the HR Generalist role for several years — but I wonder if 2009 will be the year when we start laying off ourselves for good.

I laid myself off in 2003, and then again in 2007, and I’d like to believe that I am a trendsetter. HR Generalists are expensive, we are poorly trained, and we belong to a professional organization that spends millions of dollars on advertising but has no relevancy or exposure beyond our peers.

As a Human Resources Generalist with my SPHR since 2001, I was a jack of all trades & master of none. I have excellent recruiting skills, but I succeeded as a Human Resources Generalist because I could point out the flaws in my career path and maneuver around the traditional HR landmines of compliance and bureaucracy. Most of my peers aren’t so lucky — they can barely market their HR skills to fellow colleagues, let alone members of the C-Suite.

Unless we demonstrate otherwise, our roles as HR Generalists are headed towards the dustbin. We’ll be automated and outsourced beyond our control in the next decade. As a profession, we haven’t justified our relevance as an expense on the SG&A statement.

We have given them a reason to outsource our roles, dudes, and we are surprised when it happens. My advice? Don’t be surprised. Be prepared. Go back to school, specialize, or change professions. The role of the HR Generalist is going away.

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