Scoble & LOL Cats: FAIL


funny picturesI’m not one to read Robert Scoble, but he recently gave out some horrible career advice. It’s so bad, in fact, that I am hesitant to even pay attention to it.

Unfortunately, I feel like it’s my responsibility to set the record straight.

Scoble advises job seekers to clean up their blogs and wrote, “Get rid of the LOLCats. Do not argue [with] me on Twitter about this. Google finds Twitters. Do you want your future potential boss noticing that you post LOLCats all day long? Believe me, you do not. It will NOT help you.”

I’m here to tell you that your new boss doesn’t give a crap if you post LOL cats. In fact, your boss probably reads LOL cats. This is America, and we all read LOL cats. It’s LOL cats that unites us.

Your potential boss might actually be impressed if you get your LOL cat published on the first page. If you get an LOL cat that gets published and receives a ton of votes, you should put THAT on your resume.

Scoble has an army of followers, but he should stick to technology and leave career advice and HR issues to the professionals. Go ahead, make your LOL cats, and trust that paternalistic companies who care about LOL cats — and ignore your obvious talents — will FAIL during the current economic depression.

[h/t to Lori Dorn]

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