Second Acts for Boomers: Liam Neeson Is A Badass


I just saw a preview for Unknown. It’s a new Liam Neeson thriller where he plays a badass who is out for revenge. Or something like that.

And I keep thinking — is this the same Liam Neeson from Schindler’s List, Love Actually, and Les Misérables? I’m not complaining. I loved him in Taken and A-Team.  And yes, I know he was in Darkman and Batman Returns. (Those awful Star Warns movies don’t count.) But come on. A truly dark, angry action star? When did Liam Neeson get to be the guy who is on the outskirts of society looking back in? When did he become a modern day action star?

Boomers, take heart. You can have a second chance. Just like Liam Neeson.

One day you’re working in IT and everything is fine. Then some obnoxious HR chick asks you to come to a conference room and she tells you that your job is ending in two weeks. You’re pissed. You’re lost. You’re confused. You work through the five stages of grief — and suddenly, you’re in a new place. A better place. A more interesting place.

Suddenly, you live in a world where Liam Neeson is a bona fide fucking action hero.

Who saw that coming?

I know you don’t feel it, but something else is on the horizon for you.

Things might be okay.


Liam Neeson should give you hope.

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