September 11th


I’ve written about September 11th. Some say ‘never forget’. I wonder — how can we forget when the media is constantly reminding us of that awful day? It’s weird and sad when 9/11 coverage is brought to you by a global pharmaceutical company.

In my mind, we should never forget the lessons on 9/11. People are inherently good. The world really does love America despite the actions of the terrorists. Compassion always wins. But I’m not sure this incessant media nostalgia is particularly healthy or helpful.

On the other hand, we are all entitled to our grief without judgment. Some people will blog. Others people will turn 9/11 into a day of service. Still others will buy commemorative coins and watch news specials hosted by Tom Brokaw and Robert De Niro.

I get it.

So here are some of my old posts.

And of course we should never forget the victims and their families. Here is another website, the 2996 Project, which aims to honor all victims of the attacks via online tributes.

Love you guys at Kemper. Thinking of you. And I’m so very sorry that this horrible experience happened to you and your families.

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