Should HR Personnel Pursue Advanced Degrees?


Human Resources has moved beyond mere personnel management and the role of HR professional has expanded beyond recruitment activities and employee relations. Today’s HR professional must meet the demands of a competitive, ever-changing business environment with speed and agility balanced with the knowledge of how businesses really work in order to help move companies in the right direction.

An advanced degree in Human Resources can move your career forward by leaps and bounds by providing a solid base of knowledge in all areas of business, particularly finance and strategy, positioning you to become a major player in the management decision-making and allowing you to provide key guidance in areas of workforce management to grow the organization. HR professionals have always been categorized as “people persons” and many of them claim that they work in HR because they “like people”. However, in today’s tough business environment, it takes much more than a liking for people to be a successful HR professional.

Augmenting hands-on, HR-related knowledge such as a thorough understanding of legal compliance, employee counseling and principles of compensation with core business-related knowledge such as a thorough understanding of how business are run, make money and market themselves will put you in a powerful position of helping the organization’s leadership understand people-related issues, create solid workforce plans. The ability to work with hard facts and lots of numbers will also be a tremendous addition to the HR professional’s skillset by allowing you to back recommendations with data analysis.

For busy professionals, taking the time off from a career trajectory to pursue an advanced degree can be difficult if not impossible. That is where evening programs as well as online programs come into play, giving you the flexibility to attend classes at your convenience without compromising your career goals.

The South University in Montgomery is one such institution offering both on-campus as well as online courses in Business Administration with options for Associate, Bachelors and Masters degree courses in Business Administration. Particularly at the Atlanta campus, students have the opportunity to complete an accelerated MBA program without the need for a business undergraduate degree.

Further advantages of the program are the ability to start at any time of the year, so you don’t have to wait to get started on a better career for you! In as little time as one year, you could be the proud recipient of a Masters degree thereby opening new and exciting possibilities for your HR career.

So invest the time it takes to get an advanced degree and watch your career reach new levels!

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