Should Recruiting Report Into HR? [#ereexpo]


babyjesusI caught wind of a discussion at ERE Expo.

  • Should your recruiting department report into HR? Should it report into the business? Should it be a stand-alone function with as much power as marketing, sales, and R&D?

I’ve worked under several different models of recruiting. I ran a decentralized staffing function at Kemper Insurance. Guess what? None of it matters. The only thing that matters are results. Your reporting relationship is an excuse — not an explanation — for your inability to make a dent in the way that talent is acquired and managed at your company.

So here’s the answer to the great Recruiting/HR conundrum.

  • Do your job.
  • Do it with integrity.
  • Fight mediocrity.

You could create the role of Senior Vice President, Recruiting who reports into Baby Jesus. Doesn’t make a difference if you can’t find and attract talented employees.

[PS – I would like to add one more thing: managers should own the employment life-cycle and be held accountable for the people whom they bring onto their teams. HR and Recruiting can continue to eat one another alive, or we band together and can shine a light on dysfunctional corporate practices embedded within our organizations.]

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