SHRM Lessons: Day Three


More things I observed at SHRM.

  • HR professionals don’t talk politics. There is a debate on public health care debate in America; there are ongoing problems in Iran; and we are waging two wars that result in combat veterans returning into the labor pool. Here in HR? We’re talking about mandatory workplace harassment policies.
  • HR people are broke. I’ve never seen so many financially-strapped people in my life—and no, I’m not talking about homeless people in New Orleans. Attendees can be seen clamoring for free food, cheap hotel rooms, and buffet dinners because they came to the conference on their own dime. The economy has hit our profession hard. It’s really tough to see my colleagues and peers decline a proper dinner invitation because they would prefer to eat at Popeyes Chicken. No one prefers crappy chicken.
  • HR people are passive-aggressive. We suffer from a weird form of Queen Bee syndrome where we attack one another instead of coming together. We don’t burn down the motherf@#$ing house that keeps us broke and eating fast food in New Orleans. Instead, we criticize other HR professionals and many of us forget to celebrate success. I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. Your success means that my job just got a little easier.

Here are some pictures. I haven’t done any video blogging because I’m sweaty. No one wants to see that mess on camera.

SHRM 2009 Day 2

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