SHRM and Al Gore


I’m in Alexandria, today, at the SHRM headquarters. It’s part of my trip to the DC area to see some good friends and participate in the #ConnectHR tweet-up.

If you recall, SHRM is a big association of HR peeps — and I usually attend the annual conference. Last year, it was in New Orleans. I was on a panel that discussed social media. This year, the conference is in San Diego and I’m super excited because Al Gore is the keynote speaker.

This is a huge deal for me. Al Gore is a progressive thinker, he is a champion for the rights of women and minorities, and his policies directly benefit many of the men and women who work in Human Resources. He’s a nice contrast to Steve Forbes who is opening the convention. Forbes ran for President back in what feels like the dark ages. He advocated a stupid flat-tax platform, which is a consumption tax that hurts those who are not rich. Spending on consumer packaged goods, food, and basic living expenses are static, and poor people spend a disproportionately high percentage of their income on the basics in life. The flat tax is fine for Forbes, who one of the wealthiest people in the world, but he can take his $33,000 exemption and stuff it. It’s a horrible plan that would devastate the middle-class. The flat tax is dangerous.

It’s no surprise that I like the selection of Al Gore. Believe it or not, he represents diversity when it comes to the previous speakers at SHRM. He’s a paunchy middle-aged dude, yes, but he represents the best of centrist thinking. Gore is both pro-trade and pro-labor; he understands technology and created an environment for the internet to flourish (shut up); and his policies resonate with women and minorities who voted for him in record numbers in the 2000 election.

SHRM has a great keynote speaker in Al Gore. As a Human Resources professional and a member of the association, I’m glad that SHRM is reaching out to my demographic. I like how they’re encouraging alternative points of view in our profession.

So I’ll be in San Diego and I might wear my favorite t-shirt that says, “Don’t blame me. I voted for Gore.”

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