SHRM Convention: Are You Attending?


Anyone attending the SHRM convention in June?

To save the date, I purchased a pass for the expo halls ($95/day) instead of buying tickets for the seminars. If I learned anything from the 2007 BlogHer convention, it’s all about networking and drinking. BlogHer was interesting, but I had a tremendous amount of fun on the pier with Kate, Weetabix, and Miss Pink of Perfection — and I found it more interesting than some of the seminars. (Although I did enjoy listening to Penelope Trunk and seeing Elizabeth Edwards.)

(Come to think of it — anyone going to BlogHer in San Francisco? I might attend just for the fun of a few days in California.)

Anyway, I’m thinking of hosting a happy hour event for HR Bloggers on Monday or Tuesday night during the SHRM convention. (Can I compete with the Lionel Richie show?)

Anyone interested in happy hour and bonding? Let me know.

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