Well, punk rockers, I have exciting news!

While I won’t be affiliated with SHRM, I will have full access to the conference and events. That sounds great — until I think about what I want to cover during my visit to Chicago. We all know that SHRM takes a rap in our community, and I’m afraid that blogging about the convention and the speakers will drive traffic away from my website.

There’s nothing less punk rock than blogging about HR…

…until I start blogging about a bunch of self-congratulatory HR practitioners spending time with one another in a big conventional hall.

I can hear the crickets already.

So let me ask you guys a couple of questions:

  1. If you’re not attending the SHRM convention, what do you want to read about?
  2. If you are attending the convention, what behind-the-scenes stuff do you want to know about?
  3. If I am able to meet Lionel Richie or Sidney Poitier, what questions should I ask?

The comments are open — and I need your help.

(By the way, I have one more question: what the hell should I wear?)

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