SHRM Day 3: Updates on Vendors & Stuff


laurchocI roamed the SHRM expo floor, today, and grabbed some swag for you — the most awesomest readers. I have a ton of stuff including shirts and books and trinkets. Monster was nice enough to give me a USB hub and I’m totally keeping it. Sorry, suckers, but it’s one of the best conference swag items I’ve received.


  • I finally met Tim Stanton from LinkedIn and he is super awesome. We are tweet-buddies and it was really good to meet him in person.
  • I stopped by the Halogen booth because they are big supporters of the HR blogging community.
  • I stumbled across the Dart Properties booth. They provide temporary executive housing in the Detroit area. One of the employees lived in Kalamazoo for nine years. When I told her that I couldn’t sell my house for cigarettes or a six pack of beer, she sympathized.

My favorite booth was the Totally Chocolate booth. I went there on accident because the Ghirardelli booth was out of chocolate. In fact, the vendor was eating lunch and didn’t look thrilled to talk to a girl who writes a blog called Punk Rock HR. I can’t blame her. These vendors need to talk to real HR Professionals and not just bloggers who want to steal some freebies and blog about it to their readership. Thankfully, I walked over to TC and they loaded me up. I’ll raffle away all this awesome chocolate when I get home. Thanks, Totally Chocolate, for being so generous.

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