SHRM Day Two: Trashy Diva


Hello from my schwetty, schwetty hotel room in NOLA. I decided to leave the SHRM convention after I walked the floor and realized two things. I’m no good at talking about Punk Rock HR to vendors who want to sell me something, and I annoyed a young man at Dave Ramsey’s booth when I told this person that Dave Ramsey—as authentic as his roots may be—is full of shit, thinks about money is an overly moralistic way, and benefits from his status as a white male in our society.


I’m really making friends and influencing people. I will never eat alone. On the bright side, here are some highlights.

  • I went to Laura’s Candies, Oonkas Boonkas, and Lost & Found. Great shops if you’re looking for something fun to take home from NOLA.
  • I met Cari Tuna, a reporter for the WSJ, who has the best surname in media. Tuna? So much better than Ruettimann.
  • I met Jason Dorsey, who wasn’t really interested in talking to me after I called him Jack Dorsey. He is a cute guy, though, and is a bestselling author & shit.
  • I talked to Rosalyn Chavez, a director for The Pride Insitute—LGBT Mental Health & Chemical Dependency Care. She was awesome and engaging.
  • I chatted with the associates at PSYBAR and talked about my skepticism of employment-related personality tests and assessments. One of the psychologists started talking to me about writing a book. He offered some techniques that I can use to keep myself on track. I’m like oh, snap, I’ll shut up for a second and learn something. Very helpful.
  • I sought out the Medical Tourism Association because the concept freaks me out. Does your CEO need a colonoscopy? Do your associates need heart surgery? Send ’em to China! (No thanks.) They invited me to cover their next conference but it’s in Los Angeles. When it’s in Fiji, I’ll go.

I’m off to find a store called Trashy Diva. Wish me luck!

PS—Zapps Potato Chips are better than Utz and Meijer kettle cooked chips. Confirmed.

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