SHRM: Detoxing from the Awesomeness


Punk rockers, I am detoxing from SHRM by snuggling with my kittehs and eating frozen pizza. I’m totally sick of myself but I have some thoughts on SHRM that will come tomorrow. In the meanwhile…

  • Go visit Rachel’s site and tell her your feelings about Sidney Poitier. Word on the street is that Mr. Tibbs was paid over $5K for his speech. WOW. I’ll tell you my boring life story for $2500 plus the cost of my expenses. You can contact me here.
  • I’m anxiously awaiting pictures of Erik Estrada from SHRM. Anyone know how much he — or Stedman — earned for their appearances?
  • I walked into the SHRM official press room and was stopped at the door. The woman asked to see my press badge and said, “Oh, you’re Punk Rock HR?” That reaction was prevalent throughout my entire trip; however, Joel Cheesman encouraged me stand by my brand and not apologize for it. It’s brilliant advice. I said, “Yes, I’m Punk Rock HR. Is that okay?” Uh yeah, I’m so punk rock that I’m asking for permission to be myself.

More tomorrow when I’m back to my normally awesome & unemployed life.

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