SHRM, Employment, and Harold


The SHRM Legislative Conference is interesting, yo.

  • I checked in at the press desk and was greeted by China Miner Gorman, SHRM’s COO. She is lovely and has dogs. Great start to the conference.
  • I live tweeted the mid-day luncheon with Lon O’Neil and Harold Ford Jr — I had a great seat but forgot my camera. I was encouraged by a very sweet HR colleague at the table (Erroll) to run up to Harold Ford Jr and shake his hand. I did, and then I giggled like a dork.
  • Apparently, SHRM’s marketing and advertising folks have learned about Twitter because I overheard their Director of Public Affairs, Amy Thompson, talking about my tweets.

I haven’t attended any of the sessions, yet, because I’m too busy talking about HR, blogging, and social media. That’s a good sign, right?

I have a lottery ticket — Fistful of $50s — for the first SHRM attendee who comes up to me and tells me that they read the blog Fistful of Talent.


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