SHRM Explainer: What is a HR Tweet Up?


Share photos on twitter with TwitpicI had a great night on Tuesday. I attended a tweet up.

I can’t tell you how many friends of mine have asked me, “What the hell is a Human Resources tweet up?”

A tweet up is a modified word that combines Twitter and meet-up. Anyone can use Twitter as a tool to announce an event, such as a party at a bar, and ask people to attend. It’s a very casual way to bring a group of like-minded people together.

In our case, a friend of mine [FrannyO] planned a party and put out the word using Twitter. She sent out a tweet, which is a message on Twitter, and told the universe that a bunch of HR people wanted to get together. Franny picked a time and a place and told us to meet her there if we were interested.

We were.

Franny didn’t advertise the event beyond Twitter. She relied upon the viral nature of the internet and she talked a bunch of sponsors into paying for appetizers and defraying the costs of our drinks. She used a tool called twtvite to track attendees, but she knew that some people wouldn’t show up and others would just appear.

And you know what? The event rocked.

Franny brought together a group of HR generalists, benefits professionals, recruiters, and compensation experts—along with members of SHRM’s leadership team—without much time or effort.  The truth of the matter is that HR professionals are on Twitter, and Franny knew that we would spread the word about her party.

We did.

The party was awesome and it’s a testament to how technology + tools + a vibrant community = a fun time. Thank you, Franny, for being so great and embodying the spirit of social media. You are an example of what social media and networking are all about!

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