SHRM: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


I had some fun on Monday at the SHRM Legislative Conference — but I had the most fun at the after-hour networking event. It was held at the Newseum, which is an amazing place to visit. I was a TV reporter and made a video. More on this — soon.

In a crappy economy, it’s nice to see SHRM investing in its members. I’m tough on SHRM, but I know there are tremendously talented men and women who work to make HR a more credible and visible profession. Just recently, FrannyO reminded me that I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. I am able to criticize the HR profession because SHRM has been there during the past sixty years and fought the early HR battles.

I thought about Franny’s comment, these past couple of days, and I decided to confirm my trip to New Orleans. SHRM isn’t perfect — and I’m all for raging against the machine and kicking the establishment in the teeth — but you can’t make a difference if you stand on the sidelines. Also, you can’t get a fancy SHRM mug if you don’t show up.


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