SHRM Monday: HR-licious


I keep bumping into people who are surprised that SHRM gave press credentials to a blogger. I’m here to tell you that SHRM gets a bad rap in that area. The SHRM external media affairs group came through with flying colors and were very kind to me. Maybe they know that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Speaking of bad publicity: I’m here in the press lounge and I’m listening to some dude in a navy blazer interviewing another dude in a sporty blazer. I’m feeling like a fish out of water. Some woman shushed me because I was talking too loudly. “We’re doing a recorded interview.”

More rules. This place is so rulesy.

The good news is that I just bumped into John Hollon of Workforce Management. He’s a super nice guy — very warm & inviting. I also met the VPI Pet Insurance team. I could never be a sales manager, but if I had to sell something, it would be pet insurance.

Shout outs: The Blue Man Group gave me a bottle of liquid hand sanitizer (and talked about their corporate events division!), YohHR Solutions had a booth that gave away Etch-A-Sketch keychains, and the dudes at Saratoga were very nice and spent time talking to me about the usefulness (or not) of statistics.

Finally, a huge SHOUT OUT to the Totally Chocolate team for giving me a chocolate medallian. I’m giving up business cards forever and moving straight to chocolate.


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