SHRM, SMFT and My Ballot


In case you didn’t know, the world’s largest HR association has an existing Board of Directors that has pissed off a group of members and former leaders. Some of those board seats are up for grabs in an election. The disaffected older members are running a slate of candidates in opposition to the existing board.

This is called HR drama.

No, you don’t want a seat at this table.

I like underdogs but I have no dog in this fight. When I am the boss at SHRM, I will consolidate my power and make the board bend to my will. Until that happens, I am gonna watch some TV and take it easy.

And honestly I don’t know anyone on any side of this battle — except for Kathryn Herbst. She called my house and actually spent some time explaining her issues to me. So she gets my vote. Really. It’s that easy. Believe it or not, I like retail politics. Please call my house, shake my hand and kiss my babies. Let me complain about taxes and the government. Get in that local parade and walk, dang it. Show up at the state fair and work for my vote!

And I think Kathryn is a nice woman who actually knows a thing or two about HR. She also had a college education — something that is sorely lacking with previous board members.

But the rest of the seats don’t mean much to me. So I wrote in the names of my friends.

Kris Dunn, Tim Sackett, Lance Haun, Matt Stollak and Steve Boese will always get my vote.

Stupid HR drama.

Who wants a seat at my new table?

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