SHRM: The Afternoon


I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve eaten my weight in crappy food — like free chips and cookies. Some updates:

  • I had a nice conversation with David Manaster from ERE. I completely changed the subject when he wanted to talk about me, my goals, and what I plan to do with my blog. (I don’t know.) I owe him a follow up conversation, of course, but right now my entire goal is to find more cookies.
  • I got invited to a party thanks to Dave. Who’s the cool kid? (Not me.)
  • I met a university professor, writer and HR practitioner named Matt DeLuca from NYC. I could talk to him all day. He was so wonderful and gracious, and he had interesting stories. Funny guy. One of the highlights of my trip.
  • I met David Dalka — he’s not in HR but he is a writer with very thoughtful and strong opinions on the HR marketplace. It was very fun to speak with him, although he’s not a fan of Penelope Trunk. I’ll forgive him because it gave me an opportunity to swoop in and defend her importance as a writer.

I’m off to find some cheese and to develop a few more blisters on the exhibit floor.


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