SHRM: The Long Kiss Good-Bye


I’m on my way home after two days of glorious HR craziness. Couple of notes:

  1. Celebrities make huge coin at these corporate events. So far, the celebrity SHRM list includes: Stedman Graham, Sidney Poitier, Maroon 5, Erik Estrada (no I’m not kidding), and Lionel Richie. Anyone I’m missing? Celebs don’t make money on iTunes and concert tours and writing books and doing television shows: they make money by showing up on a vendor-sponsored party bus with fifty corporate dudes who have never met a celebrity in their lives. Amazing. God Bless America!
  2. The party culture of HR is weird. Get a group of middle-aged women together and offer them free drinks, and any sort of boundaries that existed around compliance, business-appropriate behavior, and workplace harassment concerns disappear. I know we’re here to par-tay, but it makes me wonder if we’re ever really here to par-tay? When does work end and fun begin when you’re at a conference?

I love HR people who smoke, too. Lots of them do, and I’m not judging because I could care less, but it’s so funny to me. Let’s put you in charge of an employee wellness plan. Everyone has to quit smoking except you, because you can’t quit smoking while you’re dealing with cranky & irritable colleagues.

Boy, I’m beat. It’s a gorgeous Chicago day and I’m refusing to sit in a conference hall when I can run to see the Jeff Koons exhibit.

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