Shut Up and Sing, Tim McGraw


You think your job is tough? So does Tim McGraw. (Let me pull out the world’s tiniest fiddle and banjo — to be accompanied by Nelly, of course.)

Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before, but the worst kind of celebrities are the ones who whine. Celebrities have one job: to entertain. The job doesn’t involve dead animal parts, it isn’t rocket science, and it pays more than minimum wage. I know there are hazards when it comes to being a celebrity, but I think Tim McGraw’s worst day at work is better than my best day at work.

So it really irked me to watch YouTube videos of Faith Hill & Tim McGraw complaining about their adoring fans. When Faith Hill warned the crowd not to touch her husband’s balls at a recent concert, I was beyond irritated. If I shell out $200 for front row seats to a Tim McGraw concert, plus $10 parking, plus $20 for beer, I might touch more than his balls.


Now let me take a step back: I’m not a fan of country music, but I do admire Faith Hill and Tim McGraw for their progressive political perspectives. They are strong, liberal voices in a world filled with too much Kenny Chesney (“I’m Not Gay!“) and Toby Keith (who considers himself to be a Democrat, funny enough).

I just don’t understand how Mr. & Mrs. McGraw can be surprised by the reaction of the fans. When you walk into a crowd wearing tight pants, you shouldn’t surprised if you are touched. Welcome to the world of being good looking in the workforce, Tim McGraw. You think your day was bad? I once had a leader at a Fortune 500 company tell me that he loves me and give me a too-long hug. Then he asked me if I wanted to have an affair. I told him that he could stand in line behind George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and every other man alive. (Not to mention my husband.)

I’m not saying that touching Tim McGraw’s balls is right, and I think it’s inappropriate to steal his wedding ring. Faith Hill is very much right on principle; however, if I wore a leather vest and leather pants to work, I wouldn’t get much sympathy if a fellow co-worker grabbed me in an inappropriate place. Also, I might be written up for violating myriad fashion rules.

So this is my advice to Tim & Faith: keep touring, keep fighting the good fight, but stand 10 ft away from your fans like normal celebrities do!

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